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I'm a visitor. Can I use one of these cards?


Yes! While the Play Golf Kelowna Value Cards are predominantly used by locals, visiting golfers are very welcome to take advantage of the savings offered. Here's an example: Two golfers playing three rounds each will receive tremendous value in purchasing our $400 Now & Again Golfer Value Card. You may have a few dollars left on your card, or you may need to pay a few more dollars on your last day of golf it will all depend on what courses you choose to play, whether you also visit some of our practice facilities, or whether you elect to ride or walk at most courses (the $400 card will closely match total cost of riding at 2 of the 3 rounds played in this example). Any way you run it, you can easily save up to 28% on green fees on your next visit to Kelowna.  Bigger group or more golf - share the $1,000 Frequent Golfer Value Card and save up to 32% on green fees.

Where can I buy my Value Card?


All seven of our facilities sell the Value Cards, and they will typically be available for in-person pick up a few weeks prior to Christmas each year. The Value Cards are not available for purchase over the internet. If you're from out of town, and plan to use one of our Value Cards to pay for your green fees when in Kelowna, you will simply buy your Value Card at whichever of our seven facilities you visit first. Regardless of whether you pre-book your tee times ahead of time by phone or over the internet, you may be required to secure your booking with a credit card. Do this with confidence when you show up to play and use one of our Value Cards, you will be charged the rate your card offers, not whatever rate (likely higher!) was displayed or explained when you booked.

What were the Kelowna Golf Trail Cards sold in December?


The golf courses making up www.GolfKelowna.com needed to raise cash for collective destination marketing. The two different Kelowna Golf Trail Cards were a funding mechanism and a very limited 'once a year' offering to Kelowna golfers. If you did get one of these Trail Cards, that will include a round at four of our five courses. The Play Golf Kelowna Value Cards are the very best way to access our very best rates ALL SEASON LONG at all five of our courses. 

What are the major changes in the program for 2018?


With the Value Cards, morning rounds have increased $2, and rounds played after 1pm have increased $1.  The Unlimited Access Pass is back for 2018 - options for walkers and riders.

Don't forget the BIG change a few years ago was the introduction of a 5% Price Guarantee. If any of the courses offer a specific deal on an 18 hole green fee (excluding regular, weekly league play) that is better than the rate your card offers, you will receive a further 5% discount with your PGK card. Also, remember we now offer an Intermediate Membership for those that are 29 and under.

What else can I buy with the Value Cards?


In addition to green fees or power carts at the five courses, and range balls or stall time at our four practice facilities, you can use your Value Card to pay for any merchandise purchases, power cart rentals, other green fees, lessons at the practice facilities, etc.

What other benefits come with the Value Cards?


  • 5% Price Guarantee on 18 hole rounds
  • Transferability – up to two rounds, per course, per day at the rates your card offers
  • Track remaining value of your card at www.PlayGolfKelowna.com
  • Reduced rates at practice facilities
When do Value Cards expire?


Your 2018 Play Golf Kelowna Value Card will expire on December 31, 2018. Hopefully, you will make your Value Card selection based on the amount of golf and practice you intend to do in the golf season. In the event you have money left over when our facilities close in the fall, you still have redemption options. All the partner facilities offer merchandise for sale through Christmas. Please note you cannot use any leftover money towards the purchase of a Value Card for the next golf season.

Can I use my card to pay for guests (transferability)?


There is no additional discounted guest rate beyond the two green fees (per course, per day) you can access at the rate your card offers. However, you CAN use your card to pay for additional green fees for guests at posted rates (with the exception of a Now & Again Value Card on the day of purchase, when you are only able to use the card for up to two green fees, power carts or merchandise purchases ).

How do I know the remaining value of my Value Card?


Visit www.PlayGolfKelowna.com, click on 'Track Redemption,' then enter the # from the back of your card. The remaining value of your card will be displayed.

What happens when my card is done? Can I add more value?


Yes. You can add to any of the Value Cards in $200 increments at any time in the season. All benefits of your original purchase remain.

What happens in the fall? Do I need to keep re-loading?


No. After October 1st, simply show your card (even if it is empty) at any of the partner facilities and you will continue to receive all the benefits of your original purchase.

What happens if I lose my card?


If you record the # of your card at home in a safe place, we can retrieve & cancel remaining value of your card. We can re-issue you a card for the same season with the remaining value, less a $20 administration charge. If someone found your card and has used some of the value before you notify us, you will lose that used value.

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