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5 Courses, 3 Practice Facilities...
1 Incredible Value.

Now & Again Golfer - $300. Save up to 29% at golf courses and up to 23% at practice facilities. Click for More.
Frequent Golfer - $800. Save up to 33% at golf courses and up to 23% at practice facilities. Click for More.
Addicted Golfer - $1600. Save up to 40% at golf courses and up to 23% at practice facilities. Click for More.

There are three Value Cards to choose from each offers progressively bigger savings at all five golf courses and three practice facilities, each locally owned and operated.

Choose which Play Golf Kelowna Value Card best suits the amount of golf you anticipate both playing and practicing for the rest of the golf season. Buy with confidence, and know that with our 5% price guarantee, there is no better way to ensure you are getting the very best green fee and practice rates at all of our partner facilities.

All Value Cards offer 18 hole green fee savings for both morning play and after 1pm play at all five courses. Additionally, the Value Cards offer savings on baskets of driving range balls at Kelowna Driving Range, Two Eagles and World Beat.

Get your Value Card today at any one of our courses or practice facilities.

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5% Price Guarantee5% Price Guarantee

If you see an 18 hole green fee rate offered lower than what your PGK card offers at any of the courses (excluding regular, weekly league play), you will be given an additional 5% off - guaranteed.




Green Fee Rates

Green fee rates offered vary at the courses your card will be charged one of two rates at Shadow Ridge and Two Eagles (am, after 1pm), slightly higher rates at Shannon Lake and slightly higher rates again at Kelowna Springs & Sunset Ranch.

Practice facility rates offered vary as well, as ball quantities in buckets and services offered vary between the partners.

For a detailed breakdown of the specific green fee and practice facility rates, click any of the three Value Card links above. For information on regular rack rates, click here.


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